The ERS will be marked by 2 important events

September 14, 2018: Paris CPAnet Symposium

- Exchange on the perspectives of the CPAnet research network: H. Salzer

- Presentation of 3 aspects of the management of CPA: D. Denning, I. Page, C. Hennequin

- Rational of the CPAAARI study: C. Godet/J. Cadranel

- Presentation the radiological parameters to assess response to treatment in CPA: F. Laurent

- Presentation on the ancillary project of CPAAARI study on the performance and relevance of Aspergillusbiomarkers during CPA: J.P. Gangneux

September 17, 2018: Hot topic session Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis: From ERS / ESCMID

Objectives:• Clinical spectrum of CPA • Diagnoses of CPA according to the ERS/ESCMID/ECMM guideline • Management and treatment of CPA

Chair:David Denning / Jacques Cadranel - The global burden of CPA: Helmut J. F. Salzer - An update of CPA diagnosis: Iain Page - Achieve consensus regarding current treatment options and outcome definition of CPA: Cendrine Godet -Radiology in CPA - from diagnosis to treatment: Francois Laurent